Lorelle meets the obsolete. The Cluny. 11.1.19

Although different in their sounds, it wouldn’t be out of place to brand the theme for tonight ‘a trip to the Other Worlds’ given the intention of each band to take us on atmospheric, multi-media, musical journeys to new realities.
Openers ‘Heat death of the sun’ provide electronic jazz, live brass, and a subtitled short film (‘La Jete’) to create an Other World reminiscent of a Warhol factory party complete with memorising visuals and disturbing drone sounds.   More optimistic, and certainly more colourful, local underground heroes Parastatic follow with their blend of Tron-esque visuals, sweat-inducing live drumming and Mark Knofler styled guitar playing.  Providing multi-colour visuals, subtle political references, and uplifting pop-length, accessible, electro tunes Parastatic are, as always, a brilliant live act who create appealing parallel universes.

Contrasting the colours, and the use of multimedia provided by both support acts, Lorelle arrive in almost complete musical and physical darkness.  Moody in their sound, the 4 piece go on to create dark, brooding, Black Rebel Motor Cycle soundscapes locked in with deep  ‘60s psychedelic repetitive rhythms.  Aided by gentle synths and distant Hope Sandoval style vocals, the world of Lorelle tonight is at times dark and droney, at others distant and dreamy, but consistently appealing.    Tonight belongs to the imagination of those who create new worlds, and those who enjoy visiting them.

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