Dean James – Truth

For people of a certain age, and of a certain disposition, the Seattle sound, or ‘grunge’ by commonality, stood for a lot more than just it’s style of loud/quiet/loud guitars.  Intense and meaningful, grunge came to be seen as the soundtrack to the first wave of mid 90’s anti-corporate, angry, youthful protests, and still remains the music and fashion bridge between the punks and today’s more politically aware artists.

Sounding influenced by grunge, and particularly Soundgardren’s more intimate side, ‘Truth’ is a journey into one mans, well, personal truth; and his contemplations of the struggles of finding optimism and not comparing himself to others.  Raw and intimate, with a vocal not too far from Mr Cornell’s, Truth does a great job of carrying on grunge’s bi-polar message of the importance of using anger and (self) love as weapons of protest and protection.