November 2021

Zayn – Drunk

This has been on repeat so much that I’m convinved it’s going to make my number one played track on Spotify of the year…

Spiritualized – Always together

If Carlsberg were a band..

PM Dawn – Set adrift of Memory Bliss

I put this up in June, but trying to reflect on what a local act sounded like I couldn’t get past their PM Dawn laid back, vibe-heavy, clear pronounication style. Once PM Dawn get into your brain you just have to press play.. and then again … and again

Kurd Maverick – Hell yeah

A shift at the Arena has me listening to a bunch of DJ’s for the Trick event. I’m not convinced about all of the songs, but this one – which i think is either mixed into Paul Johnson’s get down, or played as a mash-up, is class.

Buzzcocks rap – im a gangsta

It’s not this one that gets played, but im sure it’s steve buzzcocks with the words ‘im a gangster, a smoker, and an absolute joker’ – but i’ll make a note of this.

Rhode Island Chickens –

Like Buzzcocks, this isn’t the perfect version, but this is played as part of either an intro or a mix-up, and it has me and a few of the work team looking at each other with a ‘what the hell!?’ look.

Jarv is – House music all night long

Such a clever peice, with so many lovely easter eggs – best work since this is hardcore

Fleet foxes – Sunblind

The moment it kicks in at the first ‘I’m gonna swim’ is spine tingling..