Twist Helix – Louder

The cover of their debut LP proves that the Helixers are reliable predictors of cultural upheavals and having tried to warn us before of impending troubles, the pop electro trio are back like any good fairy story to try try try again. 

Centring ‘Louder’ around the modern reality that often we have to resort to anger and frustration to be heard, TW ask interesting questions of how society sets out its stall in today’s day and age; how do we survive in an environment where ambition is often compulsory? And how can artists follow their instincts when they’re pushed in the opposite directions by the least artistic people imaginable?  What if we just want to make great pop tunes in the way we want to?

Nudging us heavily towards gender politics, with a frustrated message hidden within sugary pop synths and melodies, Louder changes the usual tone of TW; where usually there is positivity and optimism, here there is frustration and warnings.  Listen to their warnings, they see things we’ll never see.