Fletcher Jackson. 8.4.17

Having formed his band of teenagers at the Gateshead Music Academy after first being signed to Soul Kitchen Music (home to Jake Bugg, Editors and Prefab Sprout), Fletcher has been honing his live craft over the last twelve months.  Recent release ‘Live a lie’ showcases the band as a blend of New Wave sounds (Television/ The Strokes) with soulful vocal delivery.

Damian: Hi Fletcher, we caught up with one of your Gateshead Music Academy teachers Dan Donnelly a few weeks ago, he said great things about the band and told us you were ones to watch out for.

Fletcher: Ah great, Dan’s been a big help with our work, as has the whole Academy. (Laughing) They’ve been great with us nicking off for 3 weeks to go touring, and saying ‘yeah man, go and do it’.  The Academy is basically one on one musical support with teachers who have been there and done it so it’s been a huge help.

Damian:  Your first releases have sounded like a blend of synth based New Wave and Classic Rock.  Where do your influences come from?

Fletcher: As a band we have very different influences, to be fair we’re very different people.  My focal point tends to be The Doors and The Stones, as well as more electronic bands such as Tame Impala.  The rest of the band like classic rock sounds like Deep Purple. When we record and come up with ideas we try to be a big blend of everything, but mostly it’s what happens when the band get into a room and play.  It seems to work.

Damian: Absolutely.  How’s the sound been progressing recently?

Fletcher: We’ve been in the studio quite a bit recently and it’s the electronic sound that’s coming more to the front of our music.  We want to make music that is electronic but still sounds, and feels, like rock.  A bit like Tame Impala or Primal Scream. We all know what we want to sound like, the focus now is just working together to create that sound.

Damian: Great, and you’ll have some new material ready to go for Evolution Emerging?

Fletcher: We hope so.  As a band we can’t wait for Evolution Emerging, there’s a great local scene which has been developing in the North East for the past two years.  Perhaps two years ago there may not have even been a scene but now there is one and it’s connected with a real kinship between the bands and a friendship.

Damian: So Evolution Emerging will be collection of friends on the bill?

Fletcher: Absolutely, we’ve played with a lot of the bands on the bill before and we feel like we’ve got to know them.  We’re massive fans of the festival, so it’s great that we’re playing this year.

Damian: And after the show, what’s planned for the next 6-12 months?

Fletcher: Hopefully some more releases and some studio time to work on new material.  We want to embrace as much technology as we can and then see where it sits in our rock sound.  There’s no release date yet on our album, I feel like it needs to be right, and needs to mean something, before we’ll release it.  But it’s sounding good and we’ve had some great responses to people who have heard various parts so far.