Dodgy. 4.1.18

25 years on from it’s release, Dodgy’s ‘Homegrown’ album remains a centrepiece in the 90’s indie catalogue.   Introspective and brimming with melodies Homegrown went on to be the bands breakthrough, gold-selling, moment opening up the door for 1996’s platinum seller ‘Free Peace Sweet’ .  Damian Robinson caught up with lead vocalist and co-songwriter Nigel Clark to find out about the bands plans to tour Homegrown and their work in supporting homelessness charities.

How does it feel that Homegrown has hit its 25-year anniversary?

It feels like the blink of an eye to be honest.  Yesterday I was trying to create the programme for the tour we’re working up to and what struck me most was how much the music industry has changed in that time; even in terms of the way music is distributed and how, as fans, we don’t physically own the music we buy now.  I look at younger bands and realise that most of them will need a second job to fit alongside their band.

The industry has been turned on it’s head

It has, and I do think that one of the downsides has been that the quality of streamed music can be particularly poor.  The strongest memory of Homecoming was of us all living in north London in a shared house, full of optimism about our band and about making music.  We used to go record shopping, and I worked in a record shop for a while, so music was my life.

‘Staying out for the summer’ was the single that really seemed to break the album.

It did yes, though the first time it was released it was October so it didn’t really go with the season we were singing about.

That’s interesting because you’ve got a re-recorded version coming out soon, in January, haven’t you?

We have.  (Laughing) we never seem to get the seasons right.  We’ve re-recorded the track to be released with proceeds going to the musicians for homelessness charity which is such a helpful charity for so many people struggling to make a living.

How’s the preparation been going for the tour?

We’ve started rehearsing and it’s quiet a nice tour in terms of how the album sticks together and how much of a band album it is, which helps.  We’ll be playing the full album and also bring some B-sides out and some other hits too as well as having Babybird and Tony from Terrorvision with us so it should be a good night with some good music.

Dodgy play Newcastle’s Riverside on the 8th February.  ‘Staying out for the summer’ will be available from 25th Jan.