October 2019

PP Arnold – Eleanor Riby

Northern Soul styled banger brought to life immaculately on her recent UK tour

PP Arnold – Baby Blue

If you’re listening to an older one, then you might as well listen to a newer one. Pure soul and Motown…

Bono and Frank Sinatra – I’ve got you under my skin

The Chairman and The Fly bring out a unique twist on a classic.

Frank Sinatra – One for my baby

Building into one of the saddest breakdowns on record this says perhaps all that needs to be said for anyone coming to the end; happiness, regret and pain all at the same time. Devastating.

u2 – zoo station

Achtung Baby, along with Underworld’s Everything Everything and Massive Attack’s Mezzanine, tend to be my default albums when I need to get my head down and be surrounded by inspiration. Kicking off with THOSE guitar lines and THAT static this is a band reaching their potential….

Gary Glitter – Rock n Roll part 2

Sounding like a role model for every 1990/2000’s Dandy Warhols record, Glitter kicks it hard with the hardest of glam stomps. Inspirational choice for the soundtrack to the Joker’s transformation, and when placed alongside it’s use in Any Given Sunday, becomes perhaps the best in-movie track of all time

Slade – Cum on feel the noise

Ben Elton’s walk on music at his recent show in ‘Boro. Shame the show wasn’t as good as it’s walk on…

PIL – Order of Death

This is what you want – this is what you get, This is what you want – this is what you get, This is what you want – this is what you get, This is what you want – this is what you get, This is what you want – this is what you get, This is what you want – this is what you get


Velvet Revolver- Slither

4 years gone this month and still the best frontman i’ve ever seen. Gone too soon Mr Weiland.



Cream – White Room

The second watch of Joker reminded me just how good this, and Clapton’s outro solo, is. The beginning of heavy metal.



New Order – Crystal

Not just the best New Order track, and perhaps the best opening song I’ve seen, but also the best video of a fictious band.



Martha and the Vandells – Come and get these memories

Rewatching Mr Robot as season 4 starts, Season 3 started with this belter. So many memories.



Penguins – Earth Angel

Saying that, Season 2 also had some belters…



The Angels – Boyfriends back

However, the 50’s do woop and double drum kick gets me remembering people, songs, and memories, that I wish I could forget.



Beck – Uneventful Days

The new Beck helps create new memories though



Matt Berninger – Walking on a String

Not the greatest fan of The National, but this lovely peice of minimalism will send me back to their catalouge with hungry ears..



E-Mence – S.O.N

Immense stuff from the super-villan of Legitmate.

Mustard Migos – Pure Water

Trent’s name drop in a recent Guardian interview; therefore they’re now my favourites too.


Massive Attack – Dead Editors

The risk of listening to Massive Attack most mornings, apart from the slight paranoia, is the fact that you get locked into listening to the same tracks every day. When something sounds so good you don’t even want to risk listening to the re-mixes. Coming out of 2016, this is as good as anything on my daily listen playlist.



Vetiver – /Wanted never Asked: Swaying



My favourite album review of the month. What a gorgeous little record; part Josh Rouse, part Empire of the Sun, it’s a reminder of what Ryan should have been. “Once a songbird caught me by suprise with the strenght of it’s singing”




Thom Yorke – Last I heard

I think we’ll end October here, with my favoruite new video of the month.