Head of Light Entertainment. Bravado for the gauche.

One review of Head of Light Entertainment’s diverse catalogue suggests that they pretty much a PHD in abstract expressionism; 2017’s ‘Drool’ album may still be the most surreal collection of interesting pop songs I’ve come across in the past two years.   Taking their love for pop to its zenith ‘Bravo’ sees the Heads cut back on Drools scratchy post punk guitar sound instead favouring more classic pop melodies, euphoric drumbeats and a search for pop’s golden ear wombs.  Part Beautiful South, part Ace of Base, ‘Bravo’ follows classic pop structures in a track that steadily builds into powerful chorus’s and a euphoric ending.  More regulated than anything on Drool, ‘Bravo’ plays pop with a straight bat and hits it for a six; and if you want evidence that the Heads are still experts in expressionism, check out the songs video; it’s been on repeat with me for some time.  A great continuation for interesting pop makers.