Holding Out EP

Based on the intensity of their songs alone, alternative rock/ punk act ‘Holding out’ have come flying out of the tracks with their 5 track self-titled EP.

Using a range of hard rock/ punk sounds, the EP is held together through a intention to surprise the listener by experimenting with their sounds.

No where is this style more apparent than on opener “Swing for the fences” which starts off with a bouncy, emo, sound in the style of say Good Charlotte before reaching a rollocking break down taking us into early street punk era Guns and Roses,  Producer and guitarist Jason Toward deserves immense credit not only for his guitar hero playout, but also his production work in merging two different styles into one seamless track.

Second track ‘Machines’ is the EP’s strongest track, offering an intense/ aggressive attack on the listener.  Blending early Guns with One Armed Scissor era At the drive in, and a pounding Metallica esque drum outro, Machines sounds like alternative should; it’s youthful, aggressive, relentless, experimental and offers lyrics which can’t quiet be made out.

Further experimentation/ innovation is offered across the remainder of the EP.  ‘Headache again’ offers a brilliant lyric and singing style which plays off various voices in the main characters head against each other.  It’s sung brilliantly in different voices, adding to the intensity of the track and its telling of psychotic dimensions.

This EP is the work of a young, energetic, frantic, spirited and well intentioned alternative band looking to take risks.  Those risks have more than paid off.