LoGOz. 30.4.19

Local Punk/Pop/Rock outfit LoGOz have come some distance in their seven years together.  Now established as one of the go to acts for live, energetic, punk performances, the past few years have seen them slowly develop into a recording act with formidable socially conscious narratives.  Damian Robinson caught up with lead Logo ‘Peesh’ to find out more about their past, present and future.

You’re now officially a four piece having added a bassist.  As a live band with a considerable reputation, how’s that affecting your live shows?

Thanks, that’s very kind. We’re a bit heavier now I think, and whereas in the past there were two loud guitars out front, now we have my lad, Kieran, who adds a new dimension to our sound.

Something we heard on recent track ‘Bones of yesterday’

That’s right yeah, we’ve been back in the studio and that one jumped out at us. 

There seems to be a real moment happening for LoGOz as you seem to be everywhere and new material is dripping out.

It’s a great time; we’ve got the o2 show coming up soon and lots of festivals have been knocking on our door asking us to perform.  On top of that we’ve got new material being recorded.  It’s an amazing time and we’re trying to roll with it.

I would presume the interest is coming partly from your live show.  How do you keep your motivation to invest so much into your show each night?

I think it’s mostly to do with the songs we write. The fact that the songs are high energy means they have to be played with high energy, and then with some of lyrics being about injustices they’re hard not to play with an intensity.  We’ve been going for a while but if you look at someone like The Wildhearts they’ve been playing longer and still play each show as if it were their last.  It’s hard not to be inspired by Ginger and to learn from him about what a good live show, or a great song, should look like.

And you’ve got the o2 show coming up, which will be quiet a night.  Do you have anything special planned for it?

There’s some amazing acts down to support us and then for our show we’ll be playing some new material and trying to put as much into it as we can.  We can’t wait for that show and we’ll be ready to really go for it. 

And can we expect to hear more of the new material later this year?

Hopefully yes, we’ve got the tracks ready to go and now we’re trying to find the funds to get an album out.  Fingers crossed we’ll record later this year and maybe have the album out early next year.

LoGOz play Newcastle’s o2 Academy Friday 14th June.  New single ‘Bones of Yesterday’ is available now.