No Teeth. 6.8.23

Preparing for a tour in support of Richard Carlson, and to release their new single ‘I can’t explain’ Damian Robinson talks to No Teeth about new music, being focused, and the 3-legged race.   We find you in preparation for your tour with Richard Carlson – are you feeling match-fit and ready for the dates?
As ready as we ever were, or probably ever will be. Preparation mostly consists of target practice; bombarding the nunnery with footballs. Other tactics include Sports Day, especially the 3-legged race.

The last day of the tour lands on the day that ‘I can’t explain’ is released – could you tell us a little about the song and which direction it sees the band moving in?  
Yes, the A side is a rather a nice sounding song, by our standards anyway. It’s really a juxtaposition as the song features what we often call a “perverse parable” which this time touches on themes of coercion and manipulation. Like most of our other songs, it stands alone in its value to aid the syndicate in its cause.

With the No Teeth gang being somewhat of an avant-punk/abstract art collective, could you tell us a little bit about the ethos of the group, who’s part of the collective and who does what on I can’t explain?
Our ethos is probably a kind way of putting it, we intend to wreak a little havoc, just for the frisk. Our words are bold and dissonant and are not to be taken lightly, by anyone. As for the record, we all play our own instruments, mostly due to fear of jostling.

In terms of the future, will you be out gigging the single and where can we catch you?
we will be on tour with Richard Carlson. These men are kind enough to aid the syndicate in their often convoluted whims, and we appreciate that more than we can possibly convey. Other than that? We couldn’t possibly say at this given moment, but there is always more to look forward to.

And then in terms of the rest of 2023, what’s on the horizon next for you?
The album is finished. We are tired and a little ill at ease with one another, so have decided to sleep in separate beds. It’s been helping, but the nights often grow lonely, and we forget each others whisperings of affirmation quickly. Still, it will aid us on our pilgrimage. Gone are the days of The New Nuisance and its plight, as we bring in a new proverbial dawn of No Teeth.

I can’t explain by No Teeth is released on 18th August.