The Lovely Eggs 12.9.18

Lancaster’s two-piece lo-fi psychedelic punks, ‘The Lovely Eggs’, have had a busy year – even by their relentless standards.  New album, ‘This is Eggland’, was released earlier in the year and has gained huge critical success including a four star rating in ‘The Independent’.  Damian Robinson caught up with one half of the Eggs, vocalist and guitarist Holly Ross, to find out more about the aims for 2018 and beyond.

Hi Holly, ‘This is Eggland’ came out earlier this year.  How do you feel looking back on it?

We’re really happy with the reaction we got from the album, people seem to really like it.  Which is fine, but it’s never our first intention as it happens.  Our first intention is to make sure we like it, and we do.  Working with Dave (Fridmann) was a dream come for us, although it seems like such a long time ago it’s hard to remember every specific.  What was perhaps the most interesting thing about the reaction we received to the album was a bunch of journalists who claimed that it wasn’t punk enough.

Interesting, that’s not how I heard the album

Some of our songs are small pieces about the realities of being alive and the day-to-day struggles some people have to endure just to keep afloat.  We don’t really care what certain people have to say, but if they can’t see how those narratives are punk then they’re missing the point.  Punk doesn’t have to be just about destruction all of the time.

You’ve been out playing all year in support of the album, have you enjoyed it?

Absolutely.  We love playing live because we try to make our shows a party where everyone’s invited and everyone’s included.  Some of our shows this year have been our best ever and really it’s been down to the people who’ve come to see us.  The more we stick together at these times the more we can help each other.

And you’ve got a gig in November at the Cluny coming up

We have yes, we love playing the North East and the Cluny in particularly as we’ve got a whole bunch of friends who work at the venue.  It may be one of our favourite places to visit.  As the show will be near the end of the tour, and the end of our run of shows to promote the album, it’ll be nice to play Newcastle where we can all have a laugh and a party together.  If anyone wants to join the party, they’d be more than welcome.

The Lovely Eggs play Newcastle’s Cluny on November 9th.  To find out more about the show, and ‘This is Eggland’ visit