Anth Young. 13.3.22

Building up a strong name on the national comedy circuit, Anth Young returns to the local scene across the next couple of months; playing the Stand Newcastle in April with his new show, Thick Cut,  before moving on to The Forum, Darlington with his debut show, Family Man.  Damian Robinson caught up with Anth on life as a comedian.

With two shows running, you’ve got a lot on Anth, how’s it going?

Yeah, really good thanks.  I’m just coming back from Northampton from a show so I can’t wait to get in.

And in terms of the two shows, what’s the main themes?

So Family Man is the tale of how my life went from being a depressed man living by himself for 8 years before it all turned upside down when I got married and had a child.  And Thick Cut is all about the lock down.  I  appreciate it wasn’t a great time for everyone but for me having time with the family during lock down was really special, and this is some of the tales that happened through that period.

You did some lock down shows as well, I just to test new material.  How did you find that?

Really strange to be honest.  I did a Live from the Tyne Theatre event and it was really strange.  In comedy you live so much in the moment and have to balance where you tell a joke based on the reactions you get and the interactions from the crowd.  Performing to silence was so difficult because you weren’t sure how long to leave a pause before the punchline, and little comedy techniques like that.  So I’m so glad to be back out in live shows and I appreciate the shows even more now which is great.

And in terms of the shows, how’s the preparation been going?

Good, thanks for asking.  I’ve done a few shows and also been out with Carl Hutchinson as his support so that’s been really enjoyable and then I’m happy that the new show is coming on as well.  I’ll be supported by Catherine Young for my shows so that’s getting me even more excited as she’s excellent and will provide loads of laughs for the shows. So it’s all good and I’m excited for the shows.

Anth Young will play The Stand, Newcastle with the show ‘Thick Cut’ on 17 April.  Anth will play Darlington’s Forum on the 21st April with the show ‘Family Man’.