The Bliss – Oaks

Opening up with minimalist electronic textures, and the distant sound of a man singing ‘oh oh oh oh’, may not be something every electro act does as a way of gaining the audience’s attention.  But somehow, as The Bliss prove on this new release, it can be a highly effective technique. Perhaps quiet is the new loud after all!

With it’s heart locked in a light, airy, electronic architecture ‘Oaks’ is a non too distant relative of some of the best ‘chillout’ sounds of the post rave, after hours, E-culture scene of the early 90s.  Reminiscent of work by ‘The Orb’, Oaks floats over the listener with its gentle sounds and open space creating an opportunity for reflection and letting the mood, rather than any specific focus of the track, become the most interesting work of the piece.

It takes five minutes before the deeper lyrics kick in, with their sound-complementing ideas about ‘letting go’, but they’re intentionally left in the distance and as an afterthought to the main hook of the music.  It’s a wise move by The Bliss who centre the track around thought provoking, meditative, sounds and ambience.  Oaks is a great track in the post-rave scene, and a one which reminds us that dance music need not be obvious, crass and loud in order to be effecting and effective.