October 2020

Eric Burdon and War

September had me circling a lot of post Animals, & The Aminals, Burdon. October seems to have started off with me following him through to War...

Goldie – Digital

The decade long obsession with Goldie raises it’s head again with the 25 year release of Timeless.

Mother and Temper Temper stand out on Saturnz Return but the moment at 2:53 of this track, when that jungle base line drops, may be one of my favourite moments in music. Period.

Adam and the Ants – AntMusic

Two drummers. Face paint. Outrageous clothes. Super rythmn. Oh ohh’s. … I fucking love this song

PiL – The Order of Death

Sprinkled inbetween the Massive Attack addiction has been heay sprinklings of PiL this month. This is what you want…

Miguel – Funeral

Maybe my favourite new release of the month

Ken Boothe – Everything I own

The final episode of This is England 88 fades out with this perfect choice of everlasting, and one-sided, love.

Ghostemane – Lazaretto


Eight albums in and I’ve only just head them.

Rainsford – Love Me Like You Hate Me

I find the track interesting though it’s the performance video featuring Shia LaBeouf which is particulalry moving.

That’s the actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf…

Hello Kitty Kat – The Smashing Pumpkins

A couple of late peices ‘just’ creep into October’s playlist. This absolute stomper from The Pumpkins…

Bobby Digital – Glocko Pop

And then a banger from the second Bobby Digital record – I love the production on this