Anthony Booth. Vault promotions. 4.3.20

Looking to push local music, and especially the local rap scene, further into the mainstream, local promoters The Vault Promotions are looking to create some real noise in 2020 with opportunities to showcase local talent. 
As highlighted on their Facebook page, Vault are looking for talent to appear at future events, or to become involved in their exciting, community-based, plans.
Damian Robinson caught up with Vault owner Anthony Booth to find out more.  

Can you tell us more about Vault Promotions?  
I initially started this company to be able to get a gig for myself as my particular accent didn’t appeal to local promoters, I was not quite what they where looking for. This got me thinking how many of our local artists have the same troubles. So I started to ask, and sure enough our north east artists are quite happy to Express themselves.  

And your challenges were faced by different artists?  
I started speaking to lots of diffrent artists about there views on the rap scene here in the north east and its left me with the impression that what we really need here to progress is unity.  

The plan is to hold a Vault event each month in the North East from April onwards?  
I spent half of last year securing several venues, one for each month. Photographers and videographers for each show aswell as approaching radio stations for coverage. The aim is to provide our artists with the best possible opportunities and experiences to further their careers.  

Brilliant, and what’s the overall plan for Vault?  
Hopefully some of our talent can make a breakthrough and help some of the others later down the line.  We also have a few Dont Flop artists acting as judges in one of the shows where there will be a cash prize for the winners and Vault Promotions is looking to become a Community Interest Company.  We will be making a documentary on this years experiences, from back stage nerves, peek moments etc also we have another venture that will be ongoing.  

To find out more about Vault, or to speak with Anthony about future opportunities you can find Vault Promotions on their Facebook page.