‘Candy Gurl’ by Gina Strings, featuring Tyne Dock Sound Bureau

Revving up his synthetic minimalism for more adventures in the 80’s electro-pop universe, Tyne Dock Sound Bureau returns with an absolute dancefloor banger that combines the electronic euphoria moments of Vince Clarke with soulful, empowering, Alison Moyet styled vocals.  And yes, that does mean that it sounds like Yazoo and something from ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’.  And yes, that does mean that it’s almost the perfect electro-pop sound.

Aiming for the heart of the dance floor, Candy Gurl ultimately succeeds through it’s ability to regain pop’s sense of optimism and wrap it up in an interesting, uplifting, electronic pop-art-dancefloor sound.   Heavily supported by soulful vocals, and a wonderful melody, from Gina Strings, Gurls reminds us pop fans that the 80s synth sound was always at its best when it empowered and made us captains of own destiny, ‘If you want me, you can’t have me’.

Bristling with warmth and a huge sense of adventure, Tyne Dock Sound Bureau has done it again.