Feb 2021

New Kids on the Block – Click Click Click

I loved ‘The Block when it was released; this one, SummerTime and Grown Man finding themselves on repeat often in 2008 as I lost a job, a girlfriend and a regular weekend routine in quick succession. Something about Click Click Click in particular helped slow everything down and keep me living in the minute.

The Courds – Gin and Juice

It’s been an age since I heard The Gourd’s cover of Snoop front to back – it’s sooooo good and done soooo well.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Here comes Alice

Album of the month, album of the year infact (bar anything by Massive Attack), ‘Automatic’ has been pretty much on repeat for the best part of early 2021. Such an underrated singer, Jim’s voice builds and falls perfectly in a swell of love and longiness – the type of vocal that captures everything about being in love with someone you know it’ll never work with; but you’d give everything for even a try. Love, loss, regret, remorse, desperation, fixation, optimism and failure at the same time – it’s like eating a handful of different flavoured skittles.

I love Tim Burton’s guitar work as well…

Renee Olstead – Sleepwalk

As a bunch of comments on YouTube say – “I came here because of The Morning Show”

Black Grape – Reverend Black Grape

I always thought Black Grape’s best lyric was the one about Batman, but now i’m convinced it’s the one about blowing your own trumpet.

Prodigy – Spotfire

Always on at some point in the day – it’s been Always Outnumbered that’s clocked the most Prodigy listens this month. I think Spitfire may be my favourite of all their work… if i was in world war 2…

Death from Above 1979 – one + one

Loving the new album from the rock/industrial explorers DFA. Is it me or do some of the breakdowns feel like they’re straight from ACDC’s template!?

Israel Nash – Dividing Lines

A chance to review the new album from Israel Nash blew my mind apart with it’s ideas and ability to hold multiple references at the same time.