The Slow Readers club. 25.8.22

Fresh from a recent tour supporting The Pixies, and on the cusp of their own European tour, there seems to be no let-up for Manchester’s The Slow Readers Club.  Damian Robinson caught up with Aaron Starkie to find out more about the bands tour and upcoming new music.

Hi Aaron, The Readers were read hot on their recent tour with the Pixies and the Newcastle City Hall was full up with Readers fan for your support set.  Did you enjoy the tour?

Thanks, yeah we really did.  We don’t do too much support work but when it’s a band like The Pixies you have to pinch yourself that you’re working with such an iconic act.  We learnt so much from being around and watching The Pixies, like how the set changes each night and sometimes even in the moment, so that’s great to be around.

It must be pleasing when you play support and a lot of the audience have come in early to see you?

It’s great yeah, we’re really lucky because some people have seen us play numerous times and they’re really loyal to the band.  We really appreciate that and it’s always great to see people in and listening to the support act at shows.  That’s really important to the health of music.

And you’re getting ready for your own tour now, how’s that going?

Really good.  We’ve done a number of shows this year and we feel we’re playing well so that makes touring much easier as you’ve got good momentum.

There’s talk on your socials of new music being written and recorded at present, is that true and can we expect new material soon?

The new album is pretty much all done but I’m not sure we’ll play anything from that on this tour, that might be it’s own thing entirely.  But we are planning to play a lot of the lesser played songs on this tour so that’s exciting to us and hopefully gives the audience something new before they hear the new songs.  So we’re planning to play songs from B-sides and non-singles to keep things fresh and interesting for us and the audience.  Then we’ll do the new music on future tours.

And being a northern band is there anything special about a North East and a North West crowd?

We always have a good time when we play in the North, including Scotland, and sometimes the crowd just seems rowdier.  There’s a Scottish lad who tends to come to our North East shows and always have his top off, without fail, and it just seems like Northern crowds are happy to go out and enjoy themselves and we hope we can help people have a good night.

The Slow Readers Club play Newcastle Student Union on September 16.