Pigs x 7. King of Cowards

Pigsx7 are currently one of the finest live acts around with an intense live show which blends metal, punk and rock together into a relentless performance.

With a strong identity, and songs, already created, the question with ‘Cowards’, put simply, is how well have the band managed to capture the immediacy of their show onto a recording?

The answer is, thankfully, perfectly.

Immediate from the start (‘GNT’) Pigs set out their 6 track album in a way which pushes guitar reverb wizardry and sonic effects to the front of the mix.  The resulting emphasis is that the recordings focus on the bands musicality, tight rhythms and head-nodding grooves, a wise production move which captures their live sound.

Standout ‘Cake of light’, the album’s shortest track, provides a perfect summary of the album; dark, full of humour and thick with superb, heavy, musicianship.  Great stuff.