November 2020.

Style Council – Ever Changing Moods

Sky Art’s documentary on The Style Concil is almost perfect and has me reaching for Weller’s 80s work. This one ends on repeat quiet a lot – this version fitting nicely into autumnal weather and lockdown uncertainty. Weller’s best?

Run the Jewels – Cyberpunk

The new track, but particularly the new video, from RTJ bangs like fuck.

80’s references, neon lights, Blade Runner type of stylings; total flaweless.

I used to pray to God but I think he took a vacation, cause now the state of Cali is run by these corporations.

Thurston Moore – Cantaloupe

A flick through the new MoJo fills me with dread as I’ve listened to only a fraction of this year’s best of albums…

I remember how long it took me this year to get through last year’s list

Thurston’s Cantaloupe stands out from the first album I pick up to check out- is that Hendrix on the guitar??

Pa Salieu – My Family

Nasty and hard-edge grime/trap comes to Coventry with a video drowned in the feeling of early Wu’s and Specials

Luluc – Dreaming

Maybe the loveliest piece of gentle, comfort-blanket I’ve heard this year..

Van Halen – Jump

Various things have me locked into an 80’s guitar pop sound for most of the second half of the month – this one being pretty much on constant repeat...

Dire Straits – Money for Money

…Apart from the breaks when this one repeats instead.

Look at them yo’yos

Chubby and the Gang- Speed kills

I love everything about this…

Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies

I finally managed to get a cracked version of the Beastie’s live show – soooooooooo inspiring.

Jade Bird – Side Effects

A lovely peice from local a popster – perfect in just about every way.

Human League – Love Action

Still floating around 80’s synth pop and glorious keyboard tinkling.

I believe in me, I believe in you, and you know I believe in love