Sadsun. Heads or Tails.

Returning with their second release of 2019, North-East light electronic duo SADSUN head straight for the heart with this melodic electronica offering and its investigation into the chances of fate.  Sounding like a blend of The XX, Madonna (Downed Love era) and Kylie (Deconstruction era) the beauty of ‘Heads’ is its ability to allow vocalist Aimy Miller to bounce off gentle electronic symphonies in a way which support, rather than drown out, her gentle vocals.  Part moody, part dreamy, Miller’s vocal is the central hook of the track, cleverly changing range in symmetry with the mixed-emotion narrative and giving the track immediate accessibility.  Particularly of note is the production on the bridge to the chorus, which sees Miller change from gentle singing into cleverly delivered speeded up delivery.  Two tracks into their career and two pop bangers; ones to keep an eye on for sure.