February 2019

Chemical Brothers – Free yourself

Nice to see some artists still spend time and money on their visuals.  Supberb.

Gazelle Twin – Glory

Closely followed by perhaps the scariest, more terrifying, artist of the past 4 years and her subsequent video…

Katy Perry, Zedd -365

The premise of the 365 video was also interesting and well presented.

Bjork – All is full of love

The trip into robot world by the Chemics got me thinking about some of my favourite videos.  Up steps Bjork.

Nine Inch Nails – Only

Then Reznor takes to the stage with his hiding in safety pins trick…

Prodigy – Girls

Followed by the Essex lads and their 80s synth and visuals.

Massive Attack – Live with me

Finished off by the greatest, most disturbing, music video of all time.   Darkness in the way only Massive Attack could do.

Massive Attack – Daydreaming

Once piece of genius deserves another.  Yes daddy.

And then you might as well follow it up with the best diss of all time.

Well nearly…

Massive Attack – The spoils

In for a penny…. the most beautiful Massive Attack track of all time?  I got that feeling, that bad feeling.

Good cop Bad cop – Silk and leather

Enough of the bad vibes, let’s get back to new releases which sound like my favourite 80s tracks…


Underworld – Molehill

Adoring the ‘Drift’ project by Underworld and their willingness to let fans get close to the creativity process.   I love this slice of Brian Wilson styled loveliness.

Paul Westerberg – Love you in the fall

The Repalcements were in the car all month, and I often dug into a favourite of Westerberg’s solo work.  I love this one and as it happens I love it in the spring.

Creedence Clear Water – Keep on Chooglin

Classic sounds from a band full of riches.

Bill Ryder-Jones – Daniel

Still perhaps my favoruite song of the decade.  Absolute masterclass.