Vessel – Queen of golden dogs

A serious artist, Vessel may well have been reading Stanislavsky when deciding to down tools and take to living in solitude for 18 months during the recording of Dogs.  Intense, brooding and spacious, Dogs is, ultimately, an investigation of what it means to live without a voice, Vessel cleverly demonstrating this by choosing to use almost entirely instrumental pieces of music.   Orchestral in parts, chamber in others, but consistently electronic, Dogs’ journey is not just through the stages of solitude but also across time, both in it’s choice of historic and modern instrumentation as well as in it’s referencing of names who have impacted Vessel’s life.  Standouts ’torn-me elses e nau-eu’ and  ‘Palu love that moves the sun’ show the variance in Vessel’s work, one a gorgeous multi part harmony piece, the other an upbeat take on 80s synth pop.   Taken as a whole, Dog’s is an interesting journey and one worth closing your eyes and enjoying.