Catalyse band. 16.6.17

Four piece, alternative rock lovers, Catalyse have been busy.

Following up with critically praised single ‘LED’ the lads have been out on the road across late June and into early July.  July 22nd sees Catalyse play Newcastle’s O2 Academy in support of our very own 2nd-anniversary party.  We caught up with the lads to talk about their recent activities and about playing our show.

You’re in the middle of a tour at the moment, how’s it been going?

The tours going really well. Its awesome to be getting out, playing different cities and expanding our ‘reach’ a bit more.


Hopefully the tours going to make you red-hot for when you come and play our show at the o2 Academy. What can we expect?

After the tours over well have played 11 gigs in 15 days so yeah… we will be well rehearsed.  We can’t wait to play the 02 Academy again, its an awesome venue. We tend to play better in front of a bigger crowd, so at a packed out O2 hopefully we’ll get everyone dancing.


Your last single ‘led’ was pretty intense, and had quiet rebellious lyrics, telling us to stay out all night. Are you a rebellious band?

Maybe a little. We’re a stereotypical band, apathetic and a bit lazy. But not when it comes to the music. When we read the ‘LED’ review we were quite surprised, we’d never really looked at the song from that perspective. In retrospect the song is more about not always being able to do what you want to do and how frustrating it can be.


How’s the reception been to the single?

The single got a great response and the single launch gig at The Green Room was a sell-out. It’s powerful and catchy, what’s not to like?


Is there any new material coming soon? And if so, is the sound of ‘led’ an indication of what we can expect?

We’re constantly writing new material and each new song tends to be different to the last. We added two new songs to our set, one with a very different feel to ‘LED’. We’ll  no doubt be playing them at the Academy show.


Finally, as you’ll be playing our show, we’d like some feedback. What do you enjoy about Ne volume and what can we change? 

Bands like us owe a lot of gratitude to independent magazines such as yourselves, you give a lot to help the growth of the Teesside music scene. Making the public aware that you don’t have to look far, or rely on the charts to provide good music. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Come and see Catalyse, and join in our birthday celebrations with The Volunteers, Feva and Anthony Vader.  July 22nd. Newcastle o2 Academy. Tickets from £7