Be Quiet Shout Loud – The Weekend

If the BQSL collective ever conducted a blindfolded Pepsi listening challenge with their new track, asking random strangers what era it came from, my money would be on most guesses landing somewhere between 1984 to 1987.  Which, presumably, is exactly what our 80’s pop and neon obsessed rockers were aiming for when they put this banger together.

Filled with precise production, gentle synthesised beeps and bops, and upbeat Van Halen sounding electro guitar lines, ‘Til the weekend’ pushes BSL right into the heart of the 80s, arriving like either the theme tune to the Spanish City arcade center circa 1986 or the ending credits to a Spielberg mid 80’s Hollywood blockbuster.

Big choruses about living for the moment, and a huge hair metal styled guitar solo, push the BQSL close to recent output by The Strokes/Voidz in an attempt to take the best elements of big-sounding 80s pop/rock cross overs whilst maintaining credible results.  There was a reason everyone chose Pepsi.