May 2022

Henry Rollins & Goldie – T-4 Strain

Makes you want to hit the gym

Stone Temple Pilots

I remain utterly convinced that Scott was the best frontman I saw live...

Hal – Dont come running

.. and I also remain convinced that this is one of the greatest pop songs of all time...

Gaz Coombes – Wounded Egos

Those kids at the end get me evey time. What a song.

Buffalo Springfield – Mr Soul

The Laurel Canyon show reminds me just how hard Mr Soul kicks- Still’s duck walking and feedback miming here is fucking outrageous.

Rufus Wainwright – I dont know what it is

This came on during a play I saw and broke my heart. It was always my favourite Rufus and I can’t actually believe it’s 19 years old………. it would be funny if it wasn’t scary