October 2016 playlist

Tragically Hip- Last American Exit

The jangle of the Coral and REM meet with the swagger of the Replacements for an up tempo homage to being on the road.

Travelling Wilburys- Not alone anymore

All but a Big O solo track in name.

Misfits- Last caress

When you think it’s impossible to speed up the Ramones style of buzzsaw…

Kideko & George Kwali- Crank it (woah!)

This woke me up on a Sunday…

Danny Brown- Monopoloy

Danny Brown takes the sampling style of the Wu and adds in your face gangster aggression and Andre 3000 beats.

Kano- Endz

Kano takes the self reflection of the Streets and moves it forward a decade.  It’s all about integrity yeah?

Wire- Three girl rhumba

If Trigger Happy can be resurrected then so can this.   Mockney Blur meets the Damned.  Have it.


Replacements- Left of the dial

Still my favourite punk band.

Miley Cyrus- Karen don’t be sad

As good as anything by the ‘Lips.

Silver Bullet- 20 seconds to comply

Robocop always deserves a mention, especially when he soundtracks aggressive prodigy-esque breakbeats.

Monkey Mafia- blow the whole joint up

If you’re gonna talk about breakbeats…

Duck for cover when this kicks off

The Archies- Sugar Sugar

The greatest pop song ever made.