May 2018 playlist

The Longshot -Love is for losers

The closest Billy Joe has sounded like the Replacements for a long time. Brilliant.

Childish Gambino – This is America

Popping up in an ad break during some Youtube documentary I was listening to at work, I had this circulated in minutes once I’d heard the gunshot and beat drop.  An advert for advertisements.

Avalanche Party – Porcelain

Sounding like an early Death in Vegas hanging out with the Stooges, this may be what it sounds like to go into psychosis.

DMA’s – Warsaw

A month on from their Newcastle live show and still have this Crowded house meets the Smith gem stuck on repeat.  Not bad for a bunch of baseball hatted hooligans.

Smoove and Turrell – Beggerman

Not sure how I missed this Newcastle-video’d, Northern Soul, banger.  Get the rug out, we’re about to cut it.

Tom of Cruise – Pour some sugar on me

Making the job of a rock star look like the best role to aspire to, Cruise does a great job of the best rock meets overtly sexual innuedod anthem.

Michael Jackson – Starlite

Rock stars!? Surely it was better to be a pop star!?  If only jacko had kept the name of this belter.

J Hus – Did you see?

Dark and neon-lit, this is what Blade Runner would look like if it was set in modern times and had a story about smoking weed and driving fast cars.

Aerosmith – love in an elevator

Take a very good podcast, through in Steve Tyler, and you’ve got gold.  Don’t you wish you were as smart and confident?

Alice Merton – No roots

The things that get played on the radio talk shows between segments…

Terrovison – perseverance

Stand out live performance of the month, The Terrors boys nailed Britrock must be Destroyed.  Perseverance was the set highlight.

Wildhearts – 29 x The Pain

Very closely followed by these lads…

Underworld & Iggy – Bells & Circles

The first of 2 new releases by 2 of my favourite 3 dance acts.  Underworld stepping in first with this weapon about drugs on planes.

Propellerheads – OHMSS

Followed by the 20th anniversary of the best debut LP of anyone, ever.

Everything Everything – Distant Past

The final track in their Catfish and the Bottlemen support slot.  Sounding like an early 90s rave anthem this lit a fire under the crowd for sure.