Salsola. 29.8.19

Indie/pop maestro’s Salsola broke out last year with the release of ‘An ordinary thrill’, an interestingly constructed piece of indie rock.  Back with new track ‘Cass’ and looking to the future they’re already becoming a ‘one’s to watch’ act.  Damian Robinson spoke with Salsola vocalist Vicky Wright.

For those who haven’t heard anything by Salsola, how would you describe the band’s sound and who do you site as influences?

I would say we’re primarily indie-pop with a side of punk with a groove. That total mishmash of a genres probably comes from the fact we have a whole range of influences from metal to blues to Britpop. I’m a big fan of catchy choruses and noisy guitars and I’d like to think we’ve achieved that in most Salsola songs.

‘An ordinary thrill’ took a number of plaudits from the local press.  How does ‘Cass’ build on from ‘Thrill’s’ success?

We see the EP now more as a demo, although we were thrilled with the good press, we received we think ‘Cass’ more closely reflects our sound. We recorded Cass in Blank Studios with Chris McManus and he is amazing at capturing the energy that we try and bring live. Cass has more layers of guitar sounds than anything on our EP that gives it a more raw, live, feel.

Are you already thinking about how to follow up ‘Cass’ and what might 2020 look like for the band?

Absolutely! We are booked back in the studio this year and intend to release our next track early 2020, with a couple more to follow. Hopefully with a few gigs thrown in too!

You’re self-promoting ‘Cass” with a show at The Green Room.  Are you enjoying self promoting?

We chose to self-promote as we have had a lot of support from other local bands and been to so many amazing gigs that we thought we’d have a go to put on a show ourselves.  TMA have given us a lot of advice and support since our infancy as a band so it seemed only right to choose the Green Room as our venue.

For those interested in the launch party, what type of evening can we expect and who can we expect to be warming up?

We’ve got some amazing bands on with us, we feel very privileged that they accepted our offer to support us. We have Charlotte Grayson opening the night and a group of energetic indie rockers from Liverpool called Diana Wolfpack, we’re excited to be hosting their debut Stockton gig. We also have our good friends Dark Passenger. We’re also secretly working with a local brewery, who might just provide a little treat for the first people through the door…

To find out more about ‘Cass’, and the Stockton show on the 2nd November, visit