Vetiver. Up on high.

Mixing pop with Americana, before sprinkling in touches of Al Green and Josh Rouse, Vetiver take big swings on their new album; and whatever the sonic ambitions at work during the album’s recording, the collective sound of ‘Up on high’ pays off royally. Opened by the gorgeous ‘The living end’, ‘’Up’ bases itself in a melodic, 70’s Laurel Canyon, acoustic texture yet pushes the sound of its core song-writing into interesting spaces. Shimmers of electric (‘All we could want’), 70’s grooves (‘Hold Tight’) and pop melodies (‘Wanted never asked’) combine to push gentle, and in some cases heart-breaking, songs into superb, accessible, pop which melt your heart in places seldom touched. “Give me one more chance, one more song and dance, to prove I care” they sing on ‘To who knows where’; yet they needn’t ask for a second chance, they proved they cared when they walked in. What a wonderful record.