Set your sights. 1.11.19

It’s been a little while since we got a new studio album from energetic pop-punkers Set Your Sights, but it’s almost here and we’ve promised it’ll be well worth the wait.  Ahead of a new release and a truly exciting launch party, Damian Robinson caught up with Set bassist Roy Myers to find out about a band gathering some forceful momentum.

The new album’s just about to drop and we’re excited to see where it takes us after ‘This is all we know’; can you tell us a little about album number two?

‘What I could be’ is a really exciting release for both myself and the band.  I wasn’t part of the band when their debut was released, so I’m ticking off a huge bucket list mark with the album, and for the rest of the band I think they’re glad that they feel ready to release new music.

What was your relationship like with the band before you joined?

I was a huge fan, not only of the music but also of the live show and their complete DIY approach to production and recording.  Being in the band is so exciting for me as I get to be part of a band that does have it’s roots in that DIY thing, whether it be making records, or producing them, or being out on the road and in that sense this is a dream come true.

Sonically how does ‘What I could be’ sound compared to earlier releases?

I think it’s got the same sound of energetic rock and punk but what we’ve done is to, in some cases, go back to earlier releases and remaster and re-record some of the material.  I think what we have now, alongside some of our new songs, is a really approachable record.  We’re all really proud of how it sounds.

And the plans are still to release a single around the time of the album?

That’s right, yes, we’re looking to release one of the newer tracks ‘Paper thin glass’ with a video and some kick-ass artwork which is looking amazing.

And there’s still the launch party at Doctor Browns?

That’s right, we have Kahuna and Split Sentence on the line up, so it’s going to be a night filled with great bands.  Because we’re DIY we tend to book the support acts ourselves and these two bands are two of our favourites around.

It’s a hell of a line up

It is.  We like the challenge of trying to follow bands who are brilliant live acts so between all three of us we should make it a great night for live music.

‘What I could be’ will be released on hard copy on 6th December at Doctor Browns, Middlesbrough.  Streaming launches will follow.