Pit Pony. 28.8.20

The second in a series of singles for 2020, fuzz fuelled garage act Pit Pony’s new single ‘Opportunity Went’ finds them in seriously intent-filled voice.

Damian Robinson caught up with frontwomen Jackie to find out more about the track.

What a rollocking punk/grunge track ‘Opportunity Went’ is, what are the core ideas within the track?

The track is about missed opportunities. Actually, the first lines are about playing gigs when there’s hardly anyone there and remembering to still go for it even if only one person is listening. It’s about sometimes losing hope in your choices and then remembering it’s not all about what other people think so you have to carry on. Frustration and reflection I suppose but hey, we all have to live and make decisions and that’s what we do. Hopefully most people can relate to it a bit.

It sounds also like part 2 to Dutch Courage’s part 1; was there a deliberate decision behind the two releases, and the order of their release dates?

I see what you mean about Dutch Courage! But no that was a happy accident funnily enough. OW is one of the first songs we wrote together so it came before DC, we just recorded the other one first. DC is about mistakes you make as a teenager and is quite specific to my experience so probably makes no sense to anyone else! Ha. OW is more of a broad topic but still about reflection. Maybe i need to stop reminiscing!

Production wise, the sound on Opportunity is immense, what techniques did you use to create the wall of guitars that we can hear?

Its really important to us that we capture our live sound, so when recording we usually mic up a room and play the song through with no breaks. Afterwards we add some extra layers of guitar using different amps to fatten the sound, but we try not to do too much, as like I say it’s important that it’s something we can replicate live. We’ve done all our recordings with Chris MacManus at Blank Studios in Newcastle and he does a great job at capturing our sound. 

Are there any plans to celebrate Opportunities release date?

We’ve released a video for the track which were really pleased with. We’ve worked with our friend Sel Maclean and Yakamoz Film for our last 3 releases and we work really well together, he really gets what we’re about. Obviously we’d normally be playing shows to promote the release but that’s out the window at the minute. We’ve thought about some socially distanced gigs but to be honest we’re not sure it would really work for us. We do however have some new Merch ready to go on sale so keep an eye on our bandcamp for that!

Opportunity Went is available now through most social channels.