Post War Glamour Girls. 6.4.17

In their lifetime, Post War Glamour Girls have developed a reputation as an innovative, shape shifting, outfit.  Originally conceived as post punk, recent releases have seen references to The Pxies and Wild Beasts .  With their third album in three years, ‘Swan Songs’ about to be released, Damian Robinson caught up with Frontman and Lyricist to find out more about the album and their drive for originality.

Damian: Hi James, we really enjoyed your last single ‘Organ Donor’ which sounded quiet different from your previous releases.  Is Donor a good indication of the sound of the new album?

James:It’s certainly one aspect of it.  The record plays on a consistent groove, which you can hear on Donor.  We recorded the album playing all together and you can hear the sound of the band locking in with each other.

Damian: That’s quiet an evolution for the band.  Has your concept of the band changed over the recording of the album?

James: Definitely yeah, this is our third album, excluding the live album, and on each one we’ve tried to change the sound of the band without just choosing a new genre and basing songs around the genre.  Working and recording together in Scotland, and being isolated from other distractions, really helped us collectively with this sound.

Damian: That’s really interesting, it’s rare that bands push the sound of their music to such an extent. What motivates the change in sound?

James: It’s more natural rather than forced.  Consciously the last thing we want is for people to be able to describe what we sound like.  On top of that we aren’t just changing for the sake of it. It feels natural.

Damian: For me Bowie did a similar thing really well, he could do Drum & Bass or American soul but somehow you’d always know it was him.  Do you have any inspirations for choosing to change your music style?

James: The big one for me would be The Fall who have managed to have really different sounding records but you can always tell it’s them. Also Neil young. And part of the charm of this is that it may mean at times they release really poor music. (Laughing) But  I tend to like those records as they feel really spontaneous.

Damian: So you looked for spontaneity with this record?

James: Yeah we recorded live.  We looked to record a song a day and ended up with 10 songs in 9 days.  We’d play a song through 4 or 5 times and usually end up keeping the forth recording as it sounded loose but wasn’t shambolic. The live album helped us feel confident in this style of production.

Damian: You’re pretty relentless with your releases, are you working on the next one already?

James: Perhaps for once we’d rather take our time touring and promoting this album to be honest. When we’ve played live we’ve tended to play tracks from the next record when promoting a different one. With this tour we’d rather focus on this album as we’re content with the record so we want people to hear it. (Laughing) Having said that we have been working on new songs.

Damian: Good Segway.  You’re up in the North East soon at the Cluny what can we expect from the live show?

James: We will be playing the album in full for sure.  We launch the show in Leeds then the Newcastle show is soon afterwards.  The show will be a bit of a spectacle. Trust me. I’m not wanting to give too much away but we’ve been in touch with the Cluny to check out the dimensions of the venue and we’re pretty certain that all of our live show will fit.  Just think Bowies Dimond Dogs tour, that’s all I’ll say.

Post War Glamour Girls ‘Swan Songs’ is available now.  They will be playing the Cluny on the 12th May.