Marq Electronica – Get down and work it out

Using a style of production reminiscent of early 1990’s dance/chart/pop cross over tracks (‘Ce Ce Peniston’s ‘Finally’ or Rozilla’s ‘Everybody’s free’) there’s much to like about Marq Electronica’s ambition and technique on ‘Get down’.

Deliberately poppy, and filled with nicely sequenced synthesized house/disco beats, ‘Get down’ is immediately accessible and full of the type of feel-good sounds that keeping drawing you back to the source.  Unfortunately, what makes the track interesting might also provide its Achilles heel; for just as the early 1990’s gave us interesting chart/dance pop, it also gave us a second-wave of artists who picked up on the successful technique but couldn’t quiet pull off the same results (later stage Stock Aitken Waterman, Take That’s ‘Promises’ single).

There’s much to praise ‘Get down’ for however the overall result is a ‘good’ pop tune rather than ‘great’ one; saying that look what became of Take That after ‘Promises’….