Nadedja. 5.5.22

Taking an exciting twist, Nadedja is back with summer electro/pop banger ‘Holographic Sickening Love’ . Produced by Bob Mackenzie and mastered by Katie Tavini, it’s a song worth waiting for.  Damian Robinson caught up with Nadedja.

Holographic Sickening Love is such an upbeat electro pop tune – can you tell us a little about where the idea for the song came from?

This song comes from my fascination for the complexities of love. I’ve always wanted to tell stories about falling in and out of love as you grow older. It’s such a powerful thing and these stories follow you your whole life. I simply sat down with my piano one day, wrote the whole song in one go and was obsessed with it!

The sound and production are quite different to your earlier sound, what prompted you to move in this musical direction?

I believe artists are constantly changing their sound. It’d be impossible not to. We’re constantly being inspired by new things, new sounds, new stories to tell. In my case, I think I’ve always loved pop music and was constantly finding ways to experiment with it. I started that process with ‘Unfold’, and it felt like a natural progression to do something like this.

In terms of structure, can you tell us how the song was built and the stages it went through

I wrote all the lyrics and melody in one evening on my piano. Not long after that session, I created a demo on logic and submitted it to the Help Musicians ‘Do It Differently Fund’. They approved it and I was able to send it to this mega inspiring producer, Bob Mackenzie. Bob is such an amazing human and was super excited about the track. He made the whole process really fun and we used my demo ideas as a base, invited some incredible session musicians and recorded the whole thing in one day at The Motor Museum Studio in Liverpool. After that, Bob introduced me to the phenomenal mastering engineer, Katie Tavini and she did a wonderful job with the mastering. A true dream team!

In terms of supporting the song’s release, do you have any additional plans?

Yes, a very special music video is coming out on 23rd June! I collaborated with the fantastic director Sel Maclean to create a short film that follows the relationship of two teenage girls in and around Newcastle exploring the intricacies of falling in love – it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to release it!

By the end of 2022 where would you like to be?

This is such a tricky question! I think I want to be with a full band performing these new exciting songs live, having fun and continuing the process of writing my next record. I guess every musician’s dream is to continue to do music they believe in and are really inspired by.

‘Holographic Sickening Love’ (Single) will be out on Thursday 9th June.