Sam Brookes

London based songsmith Sam Brookes is one of the UK alt-folk’s best kept secrets. His acclaimed 2014 album Kairos was tipped by The Independent for a Mercury Prize nomination, received support from the likes of Dermot O’Leary on BBC Radio 2 and granted Sam the opportunity to perform at Live In Hyde Park. Sam is currently writing and recording new material for a forthcoming album and will be performing at only a handful of shows in 2016 to road test new material and perform current favorites

Damian: Your new single- my girl drinks coffee- sounds like a love torn electronic heart break track blending Massive Attack with the synth elements of New Order.  Tell us about the track and where the idea came from?

Sam: I broke up with somebody and started feeling emotionally vulnerable, something I hadn’t felt for a long time, so I tried to find the lyrics and the melody and the sound to fit with those emotions.  I wanted use new sounds to fit with these new emotions

Damian: That’s an interesting story.  The sound of the record is different from your earlier releases; more electronic.  Can you tell us about that?

Sam: The actual track started off as a guitar riff which still features, but way down in the mix, then I began to put some processed programmes and beats over the top. Then a few of us went up to the Isle of Skye to work on the track more.  We couldn’t set up a drum kit, so we ended up relying even more on a drum machine.

Damian: And there’s hint of a new album soon.  How’s it sounding?

Sam: I’m reluctant to call it a break up album but it certainly has similar themes to that period of my life.  Sonically, My Girl drinks coffee will be as far as go electronically in the album mostly because I’m a guitarist and love playing guitar.  I’m looking to explore special elements in music, and parts of minimalism, so there’ll be a nice blend of guitar and electronic music.  For a few years people have been saying that the album is dead but recently I’ve heard so many good new albums that I’m really excited by albums.

Damian: We’re all music fans, so any you’d recommend?

Sam: The new Laura Marling is such a great album, and Ane Brun also.

Damian: Finally, you’ll be touring on the Cluny on May 5th.  Is it right to believe that you’ll be out road testing some of the new material?

Sam: That’s right I’ve got over an album’s worth of new material ready to go and I’ll be showcasing some new with an amazing band.   I’m very excited to play with the band.  I always enjoy playing up North.