Lee Brilleaux preview

We all love Dr Feelgood right!? Perhaps one of the most important, and influential, bands of the past 40 years and true advocates of the importance of live music, the Feelgoods are rightly considered one of the very best live acts of all time as well as creators of impactful, highly meaningful, musical work.

Almost a quarter of a century since vocalist Lee Brilleaux past away, at the young age of 41, and in tribute to both the band and the man, Middlesborough’s Westgarth Social Club have lined up an all star show on the anniversary of his death.

Part tribute, part celebration, and part memorial, the ‘Lee Brilleaux Tribute show’ will be nothing if not an appropriate reminder of the work of the great man and the impact he had onto the musical world.

With five bands lined up to play, it also promises to be one hell of a live show.

Included on the line up, ‘Eight Rounds Rapid’ will bring a Feelgoods punk and R&B feel to the show with finger blistering guitar riffs, deep grooves and an all round punk edge.  Check out ‘Channel swimmer’ if you need convincing of their full throttle, no nonsense, rock sensibilities and their abilities to charge an audience.

Birmingham’s Black Bombers will provide the main support of the evening, in a band which includes Darren Birch from The Godfathers.  Blended on US garage rock and using a heavy rockability edge, the Bombers will bring energy and edge to the evening as well as raft of classic tracks designed to provoke a sing along and a celebration of the power of rock and roll.

Completed by local bands Boilermaker (Darlington) brought up on a diet of Dr Feelgood/Eddie & The Hot Rods; The Continental Quilts (Newcastle) and The Relitics from Durham the evening has been curated especially to bring the energy and the edge of the Feelgoods as well as a raft of bands designed to kick out the jams.

If the great man ever touched your life then this the evening will be a more than appropriate way to pay your respects.  See you down the front.

Sunday, 7th April, 2019 – 5pm – 10pm

Eight Rounds Rapid/Black Bombers/Boilermaker/The Relitics/The Continental Quilts

Tickets: Adv Tkts £10 OTD £15

Venue: Westgarth Social Club

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2057345524577731/