Perceptions – Outcast

The fundamental success of ‘Outcast’, Perceptions second single, is it’s ability to do what metalcore always threatens to do, but seldom delivers on, which is to retain the raw emotion and seriousness required to create aggressive music whilst simultaneously providing a knowing wink to the listener and a reassurance that it’s okay to laugh at its subtle humour.

Technically sound, this collection of 5 young, intelligent and angry, droogs are clearly on a mission to stick their middle finger up at those who ‘never cared’.  Yet whilst its anger is real, Outcast is not a narrative about rebelling, it’s a song about confronting those who stopped us from living the lives we would have liked.  Put bluntly it’s massive fuck you to every bully, contradiction-heavy authority figure, and anyone over 30 filled with regrets for sacrificing their dreams to work for The Man but advising you to do the same.

Musically interesting in the way Perceptions try to soundtrack the chaos which comes with their powerful rage and youthful anger, the band end up with a big sound and big ideas.  It’s a fine, aggressive, background for spiteful phrasing of not living the life others want us to.  Tough, assertive and purposeful, Outcast should be played on repeat to anyone who’s ever abused their power.  Perceptions are nothing like you.