Chris Gill. Into the light.

There’s a moment at the end of the 2003 Live Forever documentary when some of the indie-purists fight off what they see as the commercialisation of the brit-pop dream.  Of particular note is the rise of Robbie Williams and his apparent ambition to ‘steal’ indie; in some ways, allegedly, making the sound of the genre less cool and precious.

Which of course is nonsense. It was never cool. Or precious. It was always ‘just’ pop music. Albeit pop music played loud by (mostly) badly behaving males in Adidas trainers – ironically- thinking they were being cool and precious.

If anything Robbie should be praised for taking the brit-pop model, ‘shining-up’ it’s pop elements, and helping the masses see past the pointless posturing.

He’s not Robbie Williams, but there’s something about ‘Into the light’ which is rooted in William’s debut album – guitar based pop, with it’s edges nicely smoothed and it’s vocals sung in tune.  It may not be the coolest record in the world but it doesn’t have to be.