April 21

Stiff Little Fingers – Wasted Life

Always a favourite, but always a warning sign when it becomes the ‘go to’

Blackpink – How you like that

I’ve side stepped K-pop for about two years; but track one of the first album I pick and I’m totally hooked. Genius.

Stone Temple Pilots – Crackerman

A day I should have wanted to burn the house down, but didn’t want to, had me concerned about how apathetic i’m becoming. A random play of Crackerman put an end to that pretty quickly…

Reigning Sound – A little more time

Maybe the best pop song I’ve heard this year – 60’s bar pop in the style of Dr Feelgood – utterly ridicoulous.

Wolf Alice – St Purple and Green

I think I love this almost as I love Only Shallow…

My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow

The greatest Shoe-gazer of all time. Flawless. Beyond Flawless. Dreamy. Beyond dreams. The black-hole of flawslessness – the quantuum computing of dreams.

Wyldest – Beggar

And when you talk of dreams and shoegazing – look what lovely pop manifests…

Bee Gees- Love So Right

Fair play to Rick Rubin for pulling this weapon out of the bag on his recent interview with Barry Gibb – what a lovely chorus.

Temptation Eyes – Grass Roots

Hang around the Replacements all your life and they’ll still lead you to hidden treasures…

Replacements – I’ll be you

Speaking of which… is Paul’s last howl on the final chorus as good/better/not as good as Daltery’s howl on Won’t get fooled again? Don’t they say all that needs to be said about boredom, angst, annoyance and frustration!?

Tears for Fears – Head over Heels

The first ever 7″ I asked for was Everybody wants to rule the world – the Fears always making the list for my favourite pop stars. I fucking love Head over Heels… as well as all of the Primal Scream references in their work. funny how time flies