Hannah Robinson – Nineteen

Blending math-rock styled guitar lines with gentle electronica, the new release from Hannah Robinson takes the challenges of late-teenage life and places them perfectly into the pop/dance spectre.  Choosing not to take too obvious/well-trodden routes, Nineteen lands in a space somewhere between the more down-tempo beats and distant vocals of Billie Eilish, and a space that is deliberately cinematic, complete with almost James Bond theme’d, orchestral, choruses.  Sounding deliberately lost, searching and out of control, the end result is a tight pop/dance moment showcasing Robinson’s delicate vocals and narratives whilst also hiding some of the main themes in plain sight.  Building from gentle openings into a grand final pay off, Robinson demonstrates a fine understanding of pop structures and compositional work.     Though not obvious on first listen, Nineteen hides some hidden treasure if you keep persisting.  Great work.