Charlie Parr. 20.2.18

Americana indie troubador Charlie Parr has gained a reputation as very much an all or nothing type of musicianship.  Open about his struggles with depression, Charlie released critically acclaimed album ‘Dog’ last year to much interest.  We caught up with Charlie to talk about his new materials and new tour.

Your 2017 album ‘Dog’ has been getting some great reviews. A few months on from the release of Dog, and with some time to reflect on it, how do you look back on the album?

I haven’t really thought much about it, I had a great time recording it and the songs have settled into a nice place for me in the live shows, so I’m happy about that and about the way it was recorded.

You’ve been very open about the struggles you were having when writing ‘Dog’, how do your struggles affect your songwriting?

Depression affects everything I do now, it’s really frightening. These songs were mostly written during a particularly bad stretch but songwriting is cathartic and even though the songs reflect my state of mind, the act of writing them slows the momentum of the depression.

The video for ‘Peaceful valley’ is very humorous and really supports the track. Where did the concept for the video come from?

The creator/animator came up with all of it, he really captured the spirit of the song.

You’ll be at the Cluny in March, what can we expect from the show?

Not much, same old me sitting with my guitar playing songs.

And as you’re a prolific songwriter, are you working on new material already and can we expect to hear anything new?

I am working on new songs but none have risen to the point where I’d perform them yet.

Finally, what would a great year look like for you?

I am having a great year now, I’m still able to play guitar, my family is healthy, I’m satisfied with my life, and I’m grateful for all that.

‘Dog’ is out now.  Charlie plays the Cluny on 3rd March.