Laura Marling

Stockton’s ARC is in for a genuine treat in March with an intimate show from songstress Laura Marling.  One of only five dates chosen on her UK tour as a solo venue, the ARC can expect to hear personal, and close up, interpretations of new tracks from Laura’s sixth studio album ‘Semper Femina’, the follow up to her 2015 acclaimed album ‘Short Movie’.

Seemingly a restless creative type, Semper Femina is Laura’s sixth studio album in a little over nine years. Released on her own label More Alarming, and including a directorial debut, the record addresses questions of how society views sexuality and gender but without seeking to provide definitive answers.

At only 27, Marling continues to develop into a well-respected and important modern day songwriter with three of her previous five albums being nominated for both the Mercury Music Prize and Brit Awards.  Having worked with producers such as Ethan Johns and Blake Mills, Marling’s music offers soulful and reverential insights into the importance of human intimacy and also lyricism dealing with “responsibility, particularly the responsibility of womanhood.”

Given the context of her new record, and her extensive back catalogue, the gig promises to be the basis for important conversations and interesting perspectives from one of the most talented and prolific young musicians of a generation.

Laura Marling plays Stockton’s Arc on 24th March.

Her new album ‘Semper Femina’ is released on March 10th through More Alarming Records.