Andrew Wasylyk – Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation (Part I)

Don’t you just love high concept art? The pieces that really swing for the fences and try to stand apart from those who imitate?  

Full of both grand ideas (an conceptual album reflecting the meandering journey along the River Tay) and fine musical execution, ‘Fugitive’ is a gorgeous piece of ambient/jazz/minimalism which sparkles with precision, musical intelligence, and powerful storytelling.  Opening with downtempo beats and a lead clarinet (‘A further look at loss’) ‘Fugitive’s success is its ability to take trip hop styles and match them with classical instrumentation to form an album that is part classical, part cinematic, but constantly evoking.  Standouts ‘Last sunbeams of childhood’ (sounding just as blissed out as its title would suggest) and ‘The Cadmium Moon’ are filled with the type of experimental, avant-garde, soundscapes which do what great music should do; they take you to new places that feel like places you’ve always wanted to go.  A fantastic piece of high art.