Surf Rock is Dead – Existensial Playboy

Shoegazing has taken many twists over the past decade, most noticeably jumping back into vouge early in the 2010’s with the appearance of new gazers (Diiv, Tame Impala) and the re-appearance of old favourites (Ride, My Bloody Valentine). Yet since the early 2010’s hardcore Gazers have not only had to endure the tediousness of watching their tribe hop in and out of fashion but they’ve also had no new act to champion.

Looking to pick up that mantle the debut from Surf Rock takes Shoegaze’s love of loud, repurposed, guitar lines and nudges them well into standards of minimalism and arpeggiation; filtering tracks like Diabolik and Miss you with atmospheric textures, strong melodies and dream-like vocals.  There’s new hero’s in the scene.