Bosala. 9.11.22

Released in October, the new EP from Bosola, Thomas & Judas, is a cracking four-song record of personal trials and acceptance.  It’s also loud, varied and full of energy.  Damian Robinson caught up with Bosola’s Tim Cox to find out more.

Bosola has come out with all guns firing on the new EP.  Please tell us about the EP and where the rage is coming from?  

The main concept is about betrayal and doubt and their roles in finding out who you are. The EP was written and recorded during lockdown at a time where people were starting to doubt the integrity of the whole thing after the romantic togetherness of the first few lockdowns. Maybe that’s where rage came from. 

In terms of the lyrical themes across the EP, could you explain a little about the stories?  

Sure, the EP is made from very personal stories including how we need to back people and drop our jealousy and misogyny.   It also explores the tension between self-awareness and self-sabotage, accepting mistakes, and finding good ways to end bad relationships. 

There’s a nice production throughout the EP – taking in a number of different styles and genres- how did you create the sounds?  

This was our first EP with the current band set up but before we’d started gigging. So this EP was us sketching out how we might work together. It was a strange way to record an EP because social distancing meant we had to go into the studio separately and review it by WhatsApp. As the songwriter I was keen to explore different types of influences, so it’s raw and the songs have developed substantially now that we have been playing them for a year.    

Narc called the EP ‘Essential listening’ and Spotlight used the terms ‘Hopeful, fragile and melancholic’ –have you been finding the reaction to the EP?   

People have been really appreciative of it and we have been really pleased about it. The EP was released physically by Deliberator Records and it’s sold quite well and has been our most streamed record yet; but all that matters is that people enjoy it. 

With two EP’s in two years, what could 2023 bring for Bosola?  

We’re planning to record more in early 2023 and have a new single out in February. We’ve spent 18 months finding and refining our sound so expect 2 or 3 singles and some determined live shows to hopefully build momentum.

Thomas & Judas is out now.