Feburary 2020

Jen Cloher – Impossible Germany

Fantastic cover of my favourite Wilco track with such a cool guitar play out. I think I heard this on a free cd..

Lambchop – Everything for you

Loved the left turn on the last Lambchop album; i’ve only just come across the video to my favoruite track which i’m a little divided on…

Goldie – Mother

I’m sure I said the same thing last year but there’s a strong chance that Mother may be one of my favourite peices of music of all time . The sound of an artist given time and, presumably, a shit load of drugs to realise a vision.

Sioxsie and the banshees – Cities in dust

It’s 2014 and she’s still years ahead of the pack…

The Yummy Fur – Deathclub

When something is clever, witty and full of spiky guitars – you can’t go wrong. ‘I’d like to make a civilised customer complaint, why is throbbin gristle considered innapropriate in discos’?

Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy

The opening riff alone can change your day

Royat Trux – White Stuff

Number 45 in Mojo’2 2019 albums and the opening riff of the opening track hooks me straight in.

Jenny Beth – I’m the man

Always interesting narratives from the Bethster.

Working Men’s Club – Teeth

Absolute electro rocker from the post punk favourites; why can’t everything hit as hard as this!?

Shame – Dust on Trial

Kicking almost as hard, the Shamester’s bite with teeth on this one.

Automatic – Signal

Sounding like early Strokes hanging out with the Talking Heads, Automatic remind you of what ‘cool’ soounds like

Jenny Hval – High Alice

Mojo’s list carries on giving – this time a combination of Madonna’s Ray of Light and Kylie’s deconstruction era. Interesting sounds and vocals.

Kylie – Put yourself in my place

But if you’re going to start flirting with Kylie’s deconstruction era phase then it’s only appropriate that you end up there at the end of the night. The best of Kylie? certainly. Some of the greatest pop of all time? Without a doubt. A cruelly overlooked comet of an album.

Peggy Lee – Til there was you

Mrs Mazel may be my favourite tv show of all time; the scene leading up to Mazel and Lenny Bruce I found particularly heart-breaking. Perfect soundtrack for a perfect show.

George Michael – Fastloe

Like most months I’ve been obssessed with Mr Michael; this month it’s been the turn of Fastlove which I’ve used to get me out of bed. When it was released, my best mate saw this video and was quick to point out it’s double entradre; it took me another 3 or 4 years to believe what he was trying to tell me.

1975 – The Sound

The band of last decade and still the best of this one so far. Staking a claim for their brilliance to a couple of mates I put up this song, and this moment in particular, as exhibit A of their brilliance

Holiday – Madonna

Pop at it’s best by, apart from Shakin Steven’s, my only pop icon of the 80’s still alive. When did pop get so self-destructive?

Makes me wonder why I’m still not going out to gay-clubs.

The Warning – Hot Chip

Waiting for Body Vice to start, this one drops in The Cobalt. Have some of that….

Morrissey – Knock about world

Maybe not his best but certainly one of his boldest…

Juice Wrld

I remember watching this and being unable to comprehend how anyone could be this good. Good to see Westwood still looking like his 1995 self.

Green day – Oh Yeah

I can’t be arsed to get into it today, but Gary Glitter remains one of my favourites and the moment his chorus drops in the middle of this you’re reminded of the power of the Glitter Band. Everybody’s got a scar.

Billie Holiday – You go to my head

A few years ago I read Lionel Shriver’s Big Brother and was convinced that I should become a jazz pianist. I didn’t really know what that meant but it always sounded like it should sound like this..

Basia Balut – Your Girl

This may be the best thing I’ve heard in the longest of times. Its like I’ve found an extra on my Fleetwood Mac greatest hits cd. Perfect.

Curiosity Killed The Cat – Down to Earth

An early set by Fever Days gets me thinking so much about The Cat’s. Don’t wanna be misled, don’t wanna fall on a razor’s edge…

The Orielles – Blue Suitcase

Same gig, different band – the harmonised female vocals win me over immediatley – part Saint Ettienne, part Dandy Warhols; pure pop.