Vandebilt. 2.9.22

Northeast club/party/dancefloor act Vandeilt released their french-funk-infused debut album The House That Vandebilt in early August and it’s already gone on to pick up huge plaudits and praiseworthy press.  Damian Robinson caught up with songwriter/ producer Jordan Miller to find out more about the album and future plans to get out and play live. 

Your new release, the House that Vandebilt, is out now, how satisfying is it to see the album released?  

It’s so satisfying! We’ve been playing these tracks live for over 4 years now. There have been a number of versions of the album but we couldn’t be happier than we are about the final version. Because we own a recording studio, the mixes were endless and we didn’t know when to stop. That’s why we ended up going to see our friend Robert Whitely in Liverpool to not only add his amazing ideas as an engineer but to tell us when it’s finished 

There’s an interesting electro-pop sound to the record, could you tell us about the type of music you wanted to create?  

We all love electronic music. I remember hearing and watching the videos for a number of Daft Punk tunes when Discovery was released and being blown away by the synths and the drum machines and how nice the chords were. They reminded me of a lot of disco records and the funky plucky guitar/clav sounds on ELO records, only to find out years later that they were all samples from those kinds of records. Around 2017, I started experimenting with a lot of synths and re-sampled my work using a load of French-house techniques to create that sound. Eventually Joe started putting lyrics to the music and when we were in Liverpool, Rob had a load of old analog synths. So we were like kids in a sweet shop.  

The House has been getting some really strong reviews.  Do you read your own press? 

We are over the moon with the response it’s been getting in the press, the playlists we’ve been featured on and just hearing from our fans. We do like to read the stuff in the press because it helps us want to create more music.  

There’s talk on your socials about playing some live shows soon – are you able to confirm any dates yet?  

We’re really eager to get back out playing as soon as possible. There’ll be a couple of shows getting announced pretty soon and a tour early next year to go alongside a physical release of the record which we can’t wait for. We’re getting back in the rehearsal room now to work on a new live show! 

The House That Vandebilt is out now