Kosmonaut. Misfits on the horizon.

Some 18 years after ceasing, the impact of Creation records seems stronger than ever given the UK’s current blossoming shoe-gazing (My Bloody Valentine) and indie-rock (Primal Scream) scenes.  Yet whilst the Valentines and the Rock’s led Creation’s mainstream charge (granted alongside a huge band from Manchester) they represented only a fraction of the genres on the roster, and seemingly those bands more influential to the ears of Kosmonaut and their debut LP.

Opening with rollicking Teenage Fanclub ‘Grand Priz era sounding ‘Silver Star’ the ‘nauts plough intro loud guitar feedback, jingle jangle and sunshine harmonies.  It’s an approach that sets the lyrical, if not musical, theme for the album and it’s brilliant.

Fascinated by summer and the sun, the remaining 8 tracks take us on a journey of Creation sounds.  ‘Losing friends’, ‘Dive in blind’ and ‘Canada’ keep the sun references but take us on a more downtempo, electronic, acoustic feel, blending strange instruments to create a sound similar to those other Creation favourites ‘The Super Furry Animals’ and the ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’.  Standouts ‘Debbie Harrys Smile’ and ‘Your day in the sun’ pile drive and soothe the listener accordingly and provide an appreciation to the perfect sequencing of an album which spreads out sounds in a way which feels connected rather than schizophrenic.

When the sun goes in on ‘Winter sun’ (‘have you ever felt so low?’) and it’s ‘that’s the way the world is’ refrain you do wonder if this is an insight into the fixation the ‘naughts have with the sun; sometimes you need to keep telling yourself it will come out again.

This album is clearly the product of a prodigiously talented band taking their time to create music that connects.